SDS/2 and Autodesk® have collaborated to streamline the BIM workflow, incorporating new technology between SDS/2 software solutions and Autodesk® Revit® Structure.

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SDS/2 Connect Features

Automatic Connections Within Revit
The software automatically designs connections within the Revit environment, allowing structural engineers and fabricators to design, conduct code check analysis, and extend steelwork designs to fabrication within a BIM workflow.

Roundtripping Data Between Platforms
SDS/2 Connect facilitates a bi-directional transfer of information through the direct API interface between Revit Structure and SDS/2, round-tripping the engineer’s information to the steel fabricator/detailer and vice versa.

Shortens Design Time for Project Engineers
SDS/2 Connect shortens the time needed for connection design and sketch creation dramatically. This one-of-a-kind software functionality allows for fast, accurate visualization of the designed connection inside the Revit Structure design model.

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