SDS/2 Approval has two different applications: verify the model and check drawings before they are sent out for approval; and facilitate the approval process directly through the model. For both checkers and engineers, SDS/2 Approval allows users to view the model, detail drawings and calculations.

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SDS/2 Approval Features

Tools Tailored for In-Model Review
Shorten timelines with the In-Model Review process and SDS/2. Easy to use tools allow engineers to quickly navigate and review within the fabricator's model. The In-Model Review process has never been easier than with SDS/2 Approval.

Visual Project Feedback
Assigned statuses can be used to color code the model and give visual feedback of the approval process, from start to finish.

Customized Model and Drawing Checking
Checkers can use SDS/2 Approval to check the model and drawings, and communicate status updates of the in-progress model.

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