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SDS/2 Roundtripping

SDS/2 Connect’s interoperability facilitates a bi-directional transfer of information through the direct API interface between Revit and SDS/2, round-tripping the engineer’s information to the steel fabricator/detailer and vice versa. With SDS/2 Connect, structural engineers can work with fabricators in a Revit preconstruction model during the BIM process, enhancing project communication and efficiency throughout the process.

To download the free roundtrip add-in for Revit 2019, click here.

To download the free roundtrip add-in for Revit 2018, click here.

To download the free roundtrip add-in for Revit 2017, click here.

To download the free roundtrip add-in for Revit 2016, click here.

SidePlate Component for SDS/2

The new SidePlate for SDS/2 component and tools are plugins that offer a level of automation and intelligence for our users to efficiently place SidePlate connections into their SDS/2 projects. The plugins work by allowing a user to take a project-specific XML file, provided by SidePlate, with all the scheduled design parameters, and import that into their projects. The SidePlate component and tools work with SDS/2 v2016.21 and newer. Take a look at some of the highlighted features for both the component and tools listed below.

SidePlate Component

The component will track which connections have been placed, to help assist in knowing that the connections used on your project are in alignment with the connections provided by SidePlate. If a misalignment is detected, a mistake can be caught early on and SidePlate can be contacted.

The user has the ability to modify connection parameters within the component, like Plate A thickness or Dimension A. These modifications are recorded back to the XML provided by SidePlate. The XML file can then be sent back to SidePlate, during the shop drawing review process, to expedite the approval process.

If a connection must be modified beyond standard configurations, as shown in the component edit, a Graphical mode can be selected to accommodate those modifications.

SidePlate Project Setup

Displays unsupported connections within your SidePlate project. Allows for SidePlate XML configuration.

SidePlate Individual Connections

Allows the user to apply SidePlate Connections to their model.

SidePlate Approval Process

Using the SidePlate for SDS/2 plugins can make the approval process faster and easier. Once SidePlate connections are imported in the model, the user may need to make some small adjustments to the connection in order to accommodate the needs of the Fabricator or Erector. These changes can be done by editing the component. By making the modifications through the component, any revised data on the connection is written back to the SidePlate XML file that was used to generate the connection. Therefore the 3D model and the SidePlate XML file are kept in sync. In addition to any revised data, the XML file is also updated to include positional X,Y,Z information on each connection. Both the revised and updated data to the XML file will be very helpful during the approval process.

When the SidePlate project or sequence is ready for approval, send the XML file along with the typical drawing submittal. SidePlate engineers will then use the updated XML to assist them in the approval process. The XML file may be returned to the detailer if the SidePlate engineer has changes.

SidePlate Features

• Now reads the drawing version so your connections better resemble the project drawings.
• Now provides information on how many connections are not supported by the plugin.

SidePlate v2.0 Enhancements

• Connections better resemble the project drawings.
• Added Project Configuration Tool
• Added Individual Connection Tool

SidePlate Documentation and Download

Click the links below to download the SidePlate for SDS/2 Installation Instructions, User Guide and plugins installer.

SidePlate SDS/2 Custom Component YouTube Tutorials
SidePlate for SDS/2 Installation Instructions
SidePlate for SDS/2 User Guide
SidePlate for SDS/2 Plugins Installer*

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