Dear Design Data customers and SDS/2 users:

As many of you are aware, Design Data has been sold to the Nemetschek Group, a Munich, Germany-based international company. Besides Design Data, the Nemetschek Group owns U.S.-based firms of Vectorworks and Bluebeam, and has plans to go head-to-head with companies like Autodesk and Trimble, both internationally and domestically.

As the founder and owner of Design Data for the last 35 years, it was time for an exit plan that would take Design Data to the next level. We have had a number of suitors over the years, and my criteria for any potential sale has always been: Is it right for our employees, is it right for our customers, and will it carry on the Design Data legacy?

The Nemetschek Group wants Design Data to run autonomously, in the same fashion that it always has. Development will continue on SDS/2, as it always has. You will still work with the same people in support, sales and administration as you always have. To you, our customers, the sale will be transparent. The legacy of Design Data and SDS/2 will not only be preserved, but will grow through the strength and resources that the Nemetschek Group offers. My original three criteria have been met, and met very well.

I have always felt that our customers have been the most enthusiastic, insightful and loyal customer base any software development company could ever hope for. Your suggestions and involvement over the years have guided our development, and have been a major factor in our success. You will continue to do so as we move forward. To our customers and my many friends, thank you.


Jim Dager
Design Data


As of August 1, 2016, Design Data has been acquired by the Nemetschek Group. This was a year-long process of deep evaluation, both by the Nemetschek Group and by Design Data to make sure it was the right fit for all. In the end, we bring to the table technology and products that fill a need in their portfolio; they bring many benefits from being part of a larger family of businesses and products.

The core business model of the Nemetschek Group is to identify successful, innovative, leading software companies in the AEC market, then operate and grow them as independent companies. They do not absorb companies in the traditional large corporation sense, which allows these companies to continue to operate in the same way they always have. Management and the employee base is left intact, and the business plan of the company will continue along the same lines as it has for many years.

Although we will be operating independently, there are advantages of being part of a larger organization. We now have access to expertise, resources and technology we never did before. More in-depth integration with products of other Nemetschek Group brands will improve our customer workflows.

There is an excellent chance that you are already a customer of a Nemetschek Group brand company. We share a common customer base with Vectorworks, Scia, Bluebeam and Solibri users. These companies stand as examples of how the Nemetschek Group does business through its brands.

After an acquisition like this, it is understandable for our employees and customers to have many questions. The leading question is always: How will this acquisition change my relationship with Design Data? The simple answer is that it will enhance it. Design Data will continue to operate as before. Our offices will remain in Lincoln, and SDS/2 will continue to be developed, enhanced and marketed. Our relationship with the Users Group and the Advisory Board will continue.

I invite you to explore the other brands at the Nemetschek Group website. There you will find further information about the wide variety of other companies in the group.

I look forward to meeting you at our SDS/2 Users Group Conference in October. I will be at your disposal to answer any further questions you may have.

Damon Scaggs
Design Data


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