SDS/2 Adds a Fourth Dimension with Synchro

Design Data, a leading provider of 3D detailing and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, announced a three-year distribution agreement with Synchro Ltd, adding Synchro's unique 4D capabilities to its current family of SDS/2 software products. Synchro Ltd is a leading provider of 4D CPM-based BIM scheduling solutions for construction project delivery.

New technology available through this partnership provides unique communication between SDS/2 and Synchro. Project synchronization will revolutionize the construction coordination process for project managers. Orchestrating project logistics visually, using real models, in real time, helps project managers spot and avoid potential problems between project subcontractors. This software partnership allows manufacturers to bi-directionally communicate scheduling and task information from their SDS/2 models directly to general contractors using Synchro, updating both the Gantt charts and the model. Read More

Introduction to BIM Joists Webinar

Synchro Webinar Scheduled for April 27

On April 27 at 10:00 a.m. CDT, Design Data will host a free, live webinar on 4D Scheduling in SDS/2 with Synchro. This introductory sale presentation will demonstrate how to take a project scheduler's task list from Synchro and add it to the appropriate members in the SDS/2 model. Tasks can be searched, updated and sent out with the model to update the schedule in Synchro. Register to Attend

SEAA National Convention and Tradeshow

2011 NASCC Highlight: BIM Model Exchange and Review

The upcoming NASCC Conference (to be held May 11 - 14 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) features two sessions that will demonstrate how models can be developed by a structural engineer and shared with a steel fabricator, as well as using the model for review of shop drawings as it happens.

The first session shows techniques required to prepare a model for use by the steel fabricator, and will conclude with the transfer of the model electronically to Douglas Steel. Read More

Universal Detailing, Inc.'s University of Michigan North Quad Project

Interoperability Between SDS/2 and FabTrol MRP

SDS/2's DesignLINK enables users to easily update member statuses such as Approval, Released for fabrication and Erected based on information from FabTrol MRP software.

FabTrol exports an XML file that can be imported into SDS/2 via DesignLINK. Read More

Design Data Increases Anti-Piracy Efforts

The practice of accepting, promoting or engaging those with unlicensed and unauthorized detailing software can have legal implications for anyone who has worked on a project where such software was used -- even companies who have had nothing directly to do with the illegal software and are unaware of its use. Our customers, along with Design Data's products, reputation and business, are injured when anyone -- even an innocent third party -- uses stolen software.

Design Data has been working diligently to combat copyright infringement and software theft. We investigate all instances of illegal software use to protect our copyrights and those who might unknowingly come into contact with pirated software users. This includes everyone from a single, unlicensed detailer using a cracked version of SDS/2 and the detailing firm brokering jobs out directly to unlicensed detailers, to the fabricator acting as a subcontractor going through a third party or anyone that maintains a blind eye when detailing labor costs are suspiciously low. Read More

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