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Openmind Voting Snapshot to be Taken October 31st

Openmind Voting Snapshot to be Taken October 31st

Planning for SDS/2 v2021 is well underway. All development projects fit into one of two categories: connection design (assigned to our engineering programmers); and general enhancements (assigned to other programmers). The priority lists for connection design and general enhancements will not compete in priority. A snapshot of Openmind voting will be taken on October 31st, and those votes will be factored into these project lists.

Please take this opportunity to vote for your favorite ideas. This information is essential to us providing the best possible product.

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When searching for Ideas, please take a look at the "Filter Ideas By:" section, which is located on the left in Openmind. This section allows you to quickly filter the list by Newest, Most popular, By tag, etc. When using By tag, you will see a list of used tags; the size of the tag represents how much it is used. When adding an Idea, there is a pre-set list of tags from which you can select. More than one tag can be selected.

You can also search for keywords by expanding "Search Ideas" and typing in a value for "View by Keyword."

If you have any questions, please contact your Support Representative.