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SDS/2 Automated Tracking Provides Enhanced Revision Control

SDS/2 Automated Tracking Provides Enhanced Revision Control

One of the topics that surfaced following the recent Revisions and Member History webinar (click here to view the webinar) dealt with tracking material added or deleted from the sheet.

Revisions are part of the construction cycle and usually happen under short time constraints. SDS/2 has the built-in intelligence that lets you manage those revisions. You don't have to manually track a modified material and what was revised or changed; SDS/2 alerts you to these changes and automatically shows them on the sheet and bill of material. Automated clouding and tracking features give users the ability to control the revision.

To see an in-depth example of how SDS/2's automated tracking features work, click here.

If you'd like more information on revisions or if you have any questions, please contact sales at 800.443.0782 or email To see a complete list of SDS/2 webinars, click here.